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English / Chichewa (Nyanja) Online Dictionary
It might have come as a bit of surprise to some, as it was in a way also a surprise for us, that our first project available to the public is a dictionary, but somehow the interests and needs were there to do it and to do it now. This first release was done in a bit of a rush so it can be considered more as an early developer release and further improvements to it can be expected in the future... Anyway, we are happy to announce this first release of the English / Chichewa (Nyanja) Online Dictionary as a free service available to the public which we will try to run and provide, as much as possible, in the spirit of an free, open and users driven project. Which means that we have interests to work on this together with the user community, so any support and suggestions are welcome. Hopefully the service will be as useful to its users as it is interesting and fun for us to develop it. As for using the dictionary itself it is important to understand that it is, in its present form, working mainly as a dictionary and not as a translator. That is, it is doing single word by word lookups and not full sentence translations. It is important to understand this difference to be able to use it efficiently and get the most out of it.

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